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Coronavirus Frequently Asked Questions


What is the status of Arcadia's summer programs?

Given the uncertainties about current restrictions on social contact and travel, heads of schools and colleges have prepared Summer 2020 sessions for a fully online academic term. This flexible schedule of sessions helps students and professionals take advantage of multiple courses at a time. Learn more here.

What if I need technical support to complete my coursework online?

The Information Technology website is updated regularly with guidelines and resources to help provide students, faculty, and staff with the best online learning experience possible. Visit their website to see vendor offerings of resources such as free wifi, software, etc. For technical issues, students can contact for additional needs.

How can I access various registration and academic forms?

Registrar forms are available online, If a form you need immediately is not electronically submittable, please email appropriate information to

Campus Life 

What is the CARES Act Grant Fund, and can I apply? 

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 Learn more here.

What about Commencement?

While we were not able to gather together on Haber Green on May 14 and 15, we continue to recognize members of the Class of 2020 at Grad-AWAY-tion. This personalized, online communal space for our graduation ceremony celebrates members of the Class of 2020 and features their points of personal pride, photos, degrees, hometowns, and personal messages. 

We are planning a Commencement celebration for the Class of 2020 for Saturday, Sept. 26. While we cannot guarantee that the date will be feasible, we will send more information to graduates and families once we are confident in being able to hold a large-scale event safely. We realize that not everyone may be able to return to campus, but we hope this timeframe can provide ample time for planning. 

Are students being forced out of housing? 

No. Students who have nowhere else to go will be able to remain in housing for as long as we are able to offer this option. Government restrictions may continue to increase, potentially reducing services we can offer. 

Although the decision is based on guidance from the CDC, we strongly encourage students to plan for and seek other accommodations, if at all possible. Members of the Student Affairs team have been reaching out to students who remain on campus.  If you have questions email  

What does this mean for picking up my belongings from residence halls and housing?

When it is deemed safe to move forward, each student will receive an email from to schedule time to come to campus. Residence and Commuter Life staff will assign a time when students and two helpers may come to campus to collect their belongings. 

Following our guidelines will be critical to ensure social distancing and subsequent maximum protection for all University community members. If you face specific challenges getting back to campus this summer to retrieve your belongings, email  

Are my personal items secure?

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has taken the necessary steps to secure your personal items. University personnel will NOT go through personal items, wardrobes, personal trunks, etc. In addition, University personnel will practice social distancing and will wear protective gear inside of resident rooms.

How can I pick up packages from the Mailroom? 

The Mailroom is open from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. each day for local students. Alternatively, you may call the Mailroom to have items forwarded to your preferred address (though you will be responsible for any associated postage costs). 

Since classes moved online for the remainder of the spring semester, I moved off-campus. Will there be refunds of unused room and board fees for undergraduate students?  

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What's the status of Arcadia Athletics?

All events in Athletics facilities are canceled through the end of June.


How will the stay-at-home order for Pennsylvania residents affect me?

Under Governor Wolf’s order, personnel at postsecondary institutions in all 67 counties who are providing life-sustaining services—including, but not limited to: administration, food preparation and distribution, housing, security, information technology, building maintenance, and operations (e.g., payroll)—can continue to be deemed essential and are permitted to continue their work, provided they adhere to social distancing guidelines.

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has extended alternative work arrangements to minimize the number of employees on campus.
 We will continue to provide updates as we receive guidance from state, county, and local officials.

  • Supervisors have provided additional information regarding longer-term alternative work assignments. Plans should be based on guidelines previously shared by HR, and should also embrace our University’s lived values. All of those in a supervisory position should engage their direct reports in daily check-ins and update departmental and unit continuity plans. 
  • Employees can submit any questions to the Office of Human Resources through this online form.
  • Students with questions or concerns should contact Student Affairs at 215-572-2933; leave a message and we will make every effort to get back to you within 24 hours. Students still residing on campus with an urgent matter should contact Public Safety (215-572-2800, 215-572,2999) or the on-call Student Affairs staff member. 

Study Abroad

Is Arcadia still planning to run summer and fall programs?

Yes, we are currently offering two online programs (courses and internships) for Summer 2020. For an updated list of our Summer 2020 options, please visit our Arcadia Summer Programs 2020 page.

Fall 2020 Arcadia Programs

Arcadia Programs in the Northern Hemisphere are currently scheduled to operate in Fall 2020.

Given the continuing challenges related to the COVID-19 situation around the world, The College of Global Studies at Arcadia University has decided to suspend the following programs for Fall 2020:

We also plan to offer all of our semester and summer programs again in 2021.

In the event of any additional program changes, we will notify students and advisors with specific information.

For more information, please visit our Summer & Fall 2020 FAQs.

If my program has been canceled for summer or Fall 2020, are there still options for me to go abroad?

Yes. Students interested in summer programs will have the option of either participating in one of our online Summer 2020 programs (Virtual Europe or Intern Philly), or deferring their current application to Summer 2021. Additionally, they may apply to one of our fall or spring semester programs.

All Arcadia Abroad programs in the Northern Hemisphere, as well as Bond University and University of New South Wales in Australia are currently scheduled to operate in Fall 2020.

For more options, please visit our updated Summer programs page, use our Program Finder to learn more about all Arcadia Abroad programs. 

Have the summer and fall application deadlines been extended?

Many of our application deadlines have been extended for Fall 2020. Please see this list for Fall 2020 programs with new deadlines. We now have only two programs running for Summer 2020 and they are delivered online. Please see the dates and deadlines for Virtual Europe and Intern Philly for full details. As you explore our fall program offerings, you’ll find all application deadlines on the individual program pages.

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If you decide to withdraw your deferred application by the following deadlines, Arcadia will refund your deposit (this only applies to deferred applications from canceled programs for Summer or Fall 2020).

  • November 1 -- for 2021 Spring Southern Hemisphere programs
  • February 1 -- for 2021 Summer programs
If my Summer or Fall 2020 program is canceled and I paid my deposit, will I get a refund?

If your program has been suspended or canceled on or before your program start date, and you have confirmed your participation:

  • You can choose to participate in another program in a different location or defer your program to a different term, same location. Your scholarships or grants will move with you.
  • If you decide not to change to another program and would prefer not to study abroad with us, your program fee, including your deposit, is fully refundable as outlined in our refund and withdrawal policies.
I’ve applied for, or am planning to apply for, a fall program but am unsure about confirming my participation and paying my deposit. What is the refund policy?

We will refund program deposits to students who withdraw their fall application prior to the deadlines listed below:

Will I get a refund for any program fees on suspended programs?

Arcadia is actively working to identify all recoverable expenses related to housing and excursions. A credit will be applied for expenses that are recovered. If you have been billed directly by Arcadia University, a credit to your student account will be issued. If you have been billed by your home school for your program, you will need to follow up with your Student Accounts/Bursar's Office to determine how the credit will be applied to your student account.



What will happen with my credits now that my Preview course has been canceled?

All first-year and transfer students who complete their Preview coursework will receive the two credits of the course and have an opportunity to study abroad during the 2020-21 academic year. Students who withdraw are not eligible for course credit or the corresponding international experience.

Will I get a refund?

Students who paid the program fee of $595 or $300 and intend to participate in the travel segment of Preview 2021 have had their program fees credited to Spring 2021 Preview. Students who are unable to participate in a Preview 2021 travel program and paid the 2020 program have had their Preview program fee credited to their student accounts. If this creates a credit balance, students will need to submit a student refund request to obtain a refund.

Students who received a Preview travel support grant have had that sum of money removed from their student account this semester, but will receive the same grant for Preview travel in 2021.

Global Field Studies (GFS)

What's the status of Graduate study abroad in Summer 2020?

International education experiences for graduate programs in Medical Science, MBA, IPCR, and MFA in Creative Writing have been canceled for Summer 2020. Students with questions should contact their program director for further information.  

Prevention and Self-Care

What are the signs and symptoms of COVID-19?

The common symptoms of COVID-19—which typically appear 2-14 days after exposure—are fever, cough, and shortness of breath. The majority of cases are mild. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), about 80% of individuals infected with COVID-19 recover without needing any special treatment.

Individuals under 40 have been the least affected by the disease. Older people, especially those with chronic health conditions, are at higher risk of developing serious illnesses. More severe cases can cause pneumonia and even death.

The virus is thought to spread mainly from person-to-person through close contact and through respiratory droplets when an infected person coughs or sneezes. It may also spread by touching a surface or object that has the virus on it if you touch your own face, nose, or eyes after exposure.

What can I do to prevent COVID-19?

Practicing healthy hygiene habits is the best way to prevent the spread of illness while traveling, at home, and in school:

  • Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. If soap and water are not available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth, especially with unwashed hands.
  • Avoid close contact with people who are sick or coughing.
  • When you cough or sneeze, cover your mouth and nose with a tissue, then throw the tissue in the trash. Clean and disinfect “high touch” surfaces and objects every day.
  • Carefully consider the risks associated with personal travel and the potential for spreading the virus.
  • Do not attempt to travel if you have a fever or are ill. Be prepared to alter plans on short notice. If you choose to proceed with personal travel, submit your plans to Arcadia.

The CDC does not recommend that people who are well wear a face mask to protect themselves from COVID-19. Face masks should be used by people who show symptoms of COVID-19 to help prevent the spread of the disease to others.

Are there testing locations near Arcadia? 

These drive-through testing locations are available to the community:

  • Temple University’s Ambler Campus in Upper Dublin Township, by appointment only.
  • Jefferson Health - Abington: 1200 Old York Rd, Abington, PA 1900, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily.
  • Einstein Health Network - please call your primary care physician if symptomatic.
  • Rite Aid - 7401 Ogontz Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19138, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily. 

According to Montgomery County, only individuals meeting one or more of the following four criteria are eligible for testing:

  • A fever at or above 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit AND respiratory symptoms such as cough or shortness of breath; or
  • A temperature at or above 99.6 degrees Fahrenheit AND 65 years of age or older; or
  • A first responder (law enforcement, fire, EMS, or dispatcher) AND concern for exposure to a patient with suspected COVID-19 OR respiratory symptoms; or
  • Health care workers providing direct patient care AND testing not available through employer AND concern for exposure to a patient with suspected COVID-19 OR respiratory symptoms.
  • The site is open 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., by appointment only, as testing supplies allow. 

Visit for more details, or check official Montgomery County government social media accounts. Individuals without access to the internet or who do not have an email address can call 610-631-3000 to register for a testing appointment. 

What do I need in preparation for the stay-at-home order? 

To prepare for the stay-at-home order, healthcare professionals note that personal items that should be procured include Kleenex, acetaminophen (Tylenol) in 325 mg tablets, ibuprofen (Advil) in 200 mg tablets, Mucinex, and your preferred cough medicine (Robitussin, DayQuil/NyQuil, etc.). A humidifier is also recommended. If you have a history of asthma and have a prescription inhaler, make sure it has not expired, and refill it or get a new one if necessary. 

Contact Information

Who should I contact if I have questions?
  • If you are planning to study abroad: Scott Terry, director of Study Away (215-572-2092).
  • If you have questions about Preview: Jan Finn, associate dean of International Programs (267-620-4112).
  • If you are an international student: Chelsea Herskovitz, assistant director of International Student Services (, 267-620-4843, or 215-572-2867 for the Office's main desk).
  • If you are currently abroad at an Arcadia Center: Hannah Leidich, assistant director of Health, Safety, and Security for the College of Global Studies (
  • If you are a member of the media: Dan DiPrinzio, director of Communications (215-439-3338).
  • If you are a student who just returned from an overseas journey or are not feeling well: read the Student Health Services webpage and call SHS Director Theresa Smith (215-572-2966).
  • If you have questions about housing: email
  • If you are a member of the University community and need a place to direct your question, please contact Public Safety at 215-572-2800 or 215-572-2999 (emergency) for more information.